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Better Job Fit is a catalyst and facilitator of change for businesses and individuals in transition. We specialize in assisting businesses strategically align their employees through the different stages of corporate growth, and individuals through professional transition, identifying strengths and strategically creating a plan for success. 

Meet Jan Barlow

With over two decades of global business development and job-placement experience ranging from the corridors of Capitol Hill to the front lines of the healthcare industry, Jan is recognized as being on the cutting edge of psychology and quantum science to position people in their strengths. With an impressive track record in domestic and international sales, marketing, public speaking and training, in 2009, Jan left the top ranks of an international pharmaceutical leader and started her consulting firm, training individuals and groups in job fit. While surveying and analyzing scientific results of individual behavior traits and their influence on corporate innovation, team dynamics and employee turnover, Jan found that true diversity extends beyond the external and physical to the differences we can’t see and trademarked Behavior Diversity™. Facilitating unique individual experiences, clients learn the respect of “Deference” versus focusing on “Difference”, bridging behavior ‘resistance gaps’ that reduce distorted perceptions of bullying, sexual harassment and increases organizational innovation, engagement and retention.
As Jan’s desire to help others create dynamic change grew into her life’s purpose, she transitioned her company into the non-profit organization, Better Job Fit, Inc. As a celebrated advocate for those experiencing transition, she is committed to social justice and counsels the Veteran and Foster Care populations, maintaining strong alliances with non-profit agencies such as The River Jordan Legacy, American Veterans Alliance Vet Power, LLC., and The Institute for Restorative Communities, Inc. to create internships and permanent placements for those populations who are too often neglected or overlooked in their struggles to start over.

Jan Barlow Personal Transition Story:

My business was created from my personal and professional journey of job fit, (hence the business name, “Better Job Fit”).

During the height of my professional career, working for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, I was working in my strengths of training, education and business development, knowing how to leverage other people’s strengths for success. I created a unique niche in the ophthalmic industry, possessing clinically-technical skills as well as sales traits, which combined are quite rare. In the midst of the financial crisis in 2007 and a company transition, I was recruited to join a competitor company, which was in the midst of acquiring/merging with two other companies at the same time. Being mindful of my move, interviewing for “right fit” with my, ‘then’, manager, I felt that I was in alignment with my job description/duties, as well as with the hiring manager, an increase in pay, life was great!

Two months later, my entire life changed. A new manager was assigned, whose management style was fear-based and high on control. I went from being in a highly independent position, working in my strengths, to being micro-managed, bullied and coerced, both emotionally and physically. At the end of 6 months, my mental and physical health started to suffer greatly, being diagnosed with adrenal burnout. After transitioning out, (with pending legal action against the company), my marriage took the biggest toll, ending in divorce in 2009.

As a Phoenix rises out of the ashes, so did Better Job Fit, Inc. My contrast experience from thriving and working in my life’s strengths and purpose to being unknowingly and involuntarily cast into a position of failure, became the motivation to educate businesses and individuals on the importance of understanding Behavior Diversity™ and consciously aligning people to jobs, objectively, strategically and scientifically, for success.

Conversations with Jan Barlow

Tune into conversations with Jan Barlow, Founder and CEO of Better Job Fit, Inc.,  


We specialize in Behavior Diversity™ and customized job matching. Traditional workforce diversity focuses on external differences such as age, ethnicity, and gender. Behavior Diversity™ is a term used by Better Job Fit to describe our behavioral differences, hard-wired human traits that you can’t see, that subconsciously drive our every decision and action. Providing clients with understanding into their own individual behavior traits, how they can be perceived negatively, they learn how to bridge ‘Resistance Gaps’ created by Behavioral Diversity™. Individuals experiencing the extremes of such behavior traits as assertiveness, decisiveness or sociability, may perceive themselves as being bullied or may perceive others as weak or unengaged. Our customized job-matching services provide businesses with a sustainable and holistic workforce model that puts employers and employees in positions of success.

With every interaction, through attending one of our workshops, experiencing an individual session, or reading one of our publications, our goal is to get you to look at yourself, your opportunities and others differently. To create a mental shift that ignites a chain reaction of new events, leading you to your desired results. BJF provides strategic direction and resources to help you successfully transition into your next professional position or life purpose.  

BJF partners with Veteran and foster care organizations to facilitate job-matching internships between businesses and Veterans transitioning out of the military into private sector and Foster Care Alumni aging out of the system on their own.

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Behavior Diversity Showcase Workshop: 

Upcoming Behavior Diversity Showcase Workshop: 10/4, Tarrant County College-Private Event.

Contact me for details.

Regain Control

Our collaboration puts you back in the driver' seat of your job search by:

1. Helping you align emotionally and psychologically,     using the latest technology to objectively evaluate     your strengths;
2. Helping you identify and communicate the type of     position you are looking for and how to find your     job-search champions;
3. Helping you create a search strategy and process     that aligns with your desired results.

Job Search Bootcamp


“THANK YOU! After our discussion today, I was able to drop that baggage of shame, doubt, and focus on what I have to offer. To move on to the N.E.X.T. step in my transition I needed that psychological closure. I am confident that with your guidance, I will be able to position myself for greater success while pursuing a much more rewarding career that better suits my talents.” Military Veteran, John Thomas

“Thank you for taking the time to come to my office and visit with me last week. I am grateful for the feedback and valuable tools that you have shared with me since our first meeting at the University of Phoenix 2019 Career Portfolio Series. I came into my office the following Monday and implemented one of your suggestions. Your suggestion has made an immediate, positive impact on improving the communication between me and the President of my organization. When I attended the Career Building Portfolio Series my intention was to polish my resume and prepare to find another job. You are absolutely correct, within a 10-day period, "I have gone from looking for another job to creating my own executive position where I am." Your input has been invaluable in helping me develop an Operations Plan for my organization. I look forward to building a lasting and mutually productive relationship. I can hardly wait for the next University of Phoenix Career Building Portfolio Series”! Lynette LuBom, MBA

“Working with Jan has been a fast track to career enlightenment! The assessment tool she uses gave me great insight into the non-negotiables for me in the culture, management style and day-to-day duties of my ideal job & company. It also helped me in interviews to ask thoughtful and productive questions to understand if I would be a good fit for a specific position & organization. But the tool wouldn’t be that impactful without Jan’s expert guidance and coaching, not to mention her enthusiasm and compassion!” Nicole Cochran

“Jan, I can't express how grateful I am for what you have helped me accomplish. When we first spoke, I was in a really bad place within myself. My plant was shutting down and I didn't know which way to turn. With your help and encouragement, I was able to successfully get a job in what I have a passion for "safety". I didn't have the confidence in myself to even express what I wanted, but with your help I have actually succeeded beyond my own expectations. You are AMAZING and I am so humbly grateful for you.” Angie Young

“Jan, I landed an interview for a job I am excited about around the same time I needed to complete the resume highlighting exercise. After I highlighted my resume, I copied the job description for the interview into WORD. I created notes under each bullet to tell a story about a work event or events that matched each job requirement. I felt very confident going into the interview. The interview was very conversational, and it was easy for me to remember the work stories that were relevant to the discussion. I felt that I made the best impression I could whether I move forward in the process for this job. Going forward I will look at job posting descriptions in this manner. If I can come up with stories that fit the description I should pursue to job. If I struggle to come up with stories, the job is not a fit for me.” Kathy Gutierrez, MBA, SHRM-SCP

“Jan, I want to share with you. I went to your class on Thursday, and then went to 2 job interviews on Friday; I was offered both. Thank you, it was pivotal. Monica Chavez

“You have lit my fire! My website info is flowing through my fingertips. I can't thank you enough!” Deborah Hamlin, M.S.O.D.

“Thank you for doing the survey and explaining to me the details. I found our time very informative. Your positive outlook and professionalism were appreciated more than is descriptive in a simple email. I also appreciate you driving to Ft. Worth. Understanding the charts were very important to me and with all of the past tests I have taken, it helped to understand who I am compared to what the position requires us to be. It is a very different format from the others like Briggs and Stratton. The exercise in brainstorming the desired position with the 3 steps to strategize the vision was very simple and thus very useful. Too often I have sat and tried to start with one step and then come up with all of the specifics only to get bogged down with details that slowed down the development of the entire picture and then develop the subcomponents. I have a very full month, but I am going to schedule sitting down and memorizing the six steps and update my resume. I have a bad tendency to work towards perfection which tends to cause a procrastination, but you gave me a different outlook that I had never considered nor read in the past.” Brett Schaffer, (Corporate President Candidate)

“As I had been looking for a job for 6 months, I started to get depressed. Thank you for helping me tap into my creative side and suggesting I start making/selling my bracelets. I’ve been selling bracelets like crazy! I think I’ve sold 80+ pieces now and it seems I’m making at least 3 custom orders a week! Several of these are repeat customers - most of my clients have bought 2 or more pieces from me - and a handful have purchased 10+ pieces! Overall, it’s going really well!” Kristen Graves

“I wanted to thank you for meeting with me the other day. I walked into the meeting feeling completely drained, emotionally due to my current work environment and work situation. For the past 18 months, I have been fighting a battle with my business partner who has made me feel so invaluable. I have lost who I am/was within these past 18 months due to the negative environment I am in. I’m not going to point fingers at anyone but myself because I have unfortunately allowed someone to steal my worth. As you and I began to talk and get to know each other and review the results of my assessment, my inner spirit was beginning to poke her head out. I could feel my energy level increase because I was beginning to see my worth and my value. Your first exercise with me to help me define my end game really captured WHO I AM AND WHAT I WANT. I am so completely thrilled that I am working with you and you are a part of this journey with me. You have already shown in our first session that there is light and it’s going to become even brighter for me as we continue this path. THANK YOU, JAN!!!!!!!!!!! “ Stacey Huff

“Jan, I wanted share with you about the breakthroughs that I am experiencing since we started working together on my NEXT only a few short weeks ago. My must have ’company culture' exercise is powerful and mind blowing. I understand now that my last position as a Media Sales Consultant never fit my non-negotiable culture list from the first day of employment. I never knew until now what I truly wanted from a company and how important it is to identify what company culture would make me thrive. When in the interviewing process everyone is in the honeymoon or dating stage. As you coach me to never use the word interview but 'Discovery Session' I totally see the light. Moving now to using my company culture information I will identify my non-negotiable traits in a company: effective communication will serve all, flexible hours, welcomed creativity, encouragement, innovate marketing, and a company in demand. I am excited to work on my next assignment of Corporate Life Cycles. I truly thank you for your professionalism and the benefit of the assessment test, and how important these exercises are to my logical and mindful approach to a NEXT career.”
Renee LeCroy

“Thank you very much for taking your time with us on Saturday afternoon to show us the results of our assessments, we really enjoyed spending time with you!
We especially enjoyed not only seeing our results, but having you explain to us what they mean for us as we work together. It was truly helpful. We’ve always known in the back of our minds how we react in a given situation, but we have never focused on how we can improve individually and together. We have since changed our method of delegating tasks/projects based on our assessment results – strategically. It’s only noon on Wednesday, and we have already had a very smooth, successful, efficient and productive week! Thank you!!” Michelle Braden

“I feel super indebted to you for helping me during that rough patch. I really appreciate you. Thanks, so much for helping me. I just want to make sure you know that, as I feel like it’s important. I always set a goal and then say, ‘This or something better’.” Jimmy Epperson, III

“Thank you so much for this first session! I am so grateful to my higher self for deciding to work with you! This first session was not what I expected in a fabulous way! I feel a little in shock, excited, and scared, which means this is impactful. I have a fresh approach and new self-training that I needed. This session reflected your modality of intention setting in an answer to my higher self’s desire, so I came away with more than I knew to expect, just as you defined. I am excited for our next session and to share my discoveries!” Alli McFadden

“I highly recommend Jan Watson for your N.E.X.T. opportunity as she will help take you to heights far greater than you could ever imagine! I had no true understanding of what to expect when I entered a relationship with Jan as my Life Coach nor was I sure how this would enhance my skills in assisting me to find a new direction in my career.
As I have reflected on the months we have worked together, I can honestly say that the experience and value of having Jan as my coach, has been a critical element in preparing me for my N.E.X.T. journey. The experience was very valuable in allowing me to navigate the transition from a Community Engagement Officer to where I am headed now. What to let go, where to focus, how to create a vision for myself and go for a dream; these are all ways in which Jan assisted in staying ahead of the curve and searching for the N.E.X.T. experience in my career where I can use my gifts and talents to the fullest! JoNelle Short

“Thank you for inspiring my strength of spirit and for creating opportunities where I can interact with brilliant professionals that provide me with meaningful perspective.”Justin Birnstihl
“Jan, today was an amazing day for me. It’s been a long time since I was this happy. You are a blessing to me.” Cle’ A.

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